In case you didn’t believe in miracles, I wanted to share something that happened to me that shook me to my core. It happened during a business trip to New Jersey.

And yes, this article blog isn’t my typical subject matter but it was so amazing that I wanted to share a personal story that was so crazy, miraculous, and extraordinary that I felt the need to document and share it….If you love stories of the unexplainable serendipities of life, then you will LOVE this! These are moments when I feel like God and the universe is working in my favour……

So it’s almost midnight when I land at the Newark airport after being in Connecticut all day for a conference. I’m really tired and looking forward to getting to my hotel. I plop myself down on a bench while I wait for my Uber driver to arrive. My hotel was quite far from the airport, and just as we pull into the hotel, I get a phone call from the airport. The lady tells me that I left my purse there. Outside. On the bench!! I must have dropped it while sitting waiting for the Uber driver. Obviously the first thing I thought about was if my passport was still there. “Can I ask you to look inside and tell me if my passport and Nexus is in there?” After a moment she said, “Yes, I do see it here along with your cash. You are very lucky ma’am that no one took anything considering it was outside for over half an hour after midnight here in New Jersey. There’s a lot of crime here. You are very lucky!”

She asked me if I could come back and get it now, otherwise, I would have to wait until the next day to pick it up. Luckily my young Uber driver agreed to take me back to the airport. I thanked her, hung up, and then sat back in my seat, and took a big breath of relief, and started to chat with the driver as though nothing had happened. The Uber driver turned to me and said, “Wow, you’re taking this news really well. Most people would be really stressed out and upset.” I smiled. I said to him, “Well, my things are safe. I have my passport. That’s all that matters to me and I’m just grateful.” He seemed impressed by my answer and started asking me questions my unique outlook on life, and I shared my transformational journey and my commitment to be someone who is powerful and bold in the face of any circumstance. I became his teacher for the next 45 minutes. I shared how I live my life; about generousity, charity, miracles, manifestation, fate, and shared many lessons I had learned over the years.

When we got to the airport, he said to me, “You know, I believe that we were meant to meet today. Everything you said to me today was what I needed to hear and it totally blew my mind. You see, I’ve been depressed lately since my girlfriend of 8 years broke up with me and since then, I’ve been feeling really lost. You taught me so much and I want to thank you. Normally, we’re not supposed to extend trips but I really enjoyed our talk so I wanted to help you.” After I got out of his car, he asked for a hug, and I went on my way.

Not only did he go ‘over and above’ to drive me back to the airport (even though it wasn’t the original agreement), but he also didn’t charge me for the additional 2 legs of our trip! Instead of paying over $250 USD, he only charged me $75 (which was the original first leg of the trip). I must have a horseshoe up my butt or God watching over me.

I sat on my hotel bed thinking about what just happened, still shaking from disbelief, so relieved, thankful, and in awe. I am committed to continuing to contribute to people like this by just sharing and speaking to their heart in a way that no one else has ever spoken to them.

Thank you God, my guardian angels, or whoever had protected my bag because if my passport and Nexus was stolen, I would have had to order an emergency passport as I had two more flights over the next week. Thankfully, someone was watching over me over my bag AND I was able to make a difference for someone while all of this was happening, so I’m pretty darn happy.

Look for miracles every day and you will be amazed at what you find.

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