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Hi, I’m Jeanell!

I’m Jeanell, your Marriage Coach, Strategist, and wife. I am passionate about helping people live passionate lives filled with profound love, connection, and intimacy in their relationships. My husband is my inspiration and best friend, and we’ve been happily married for 17 years, and we have the most amazing connection, passion, and fun together as best friends and band mates.
I’m here to help you have the marriage of your dreams with the one your with, and provide you with tools and techniques that I teach to my clients to become better people, partners, and parents.

Choose courage over comfort!




Marriage Coaching

Empowering couples to strengthen their bond and navigate challenges through personalized guidance and support.

Life Coaching

Guiding individuals toward their fullest potential and personal fulfillment.

Events & Workshop

Transformative events and workshops designed to empower personal growth and cultivate lasting positive change.

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Married couples who want to save their marriage from divorce and/or infidelity, and prevent further generational trauma on their children. They are committed to learning powerful tools, strategies, and most importantly, have an accountability partner who can hold a space space that’s both loving, compassionate, and judgment-free, so they can finally move forward together.

They have typically tried traditional therapy or counseling, (but wasn’t right for them), and are ready to work together as a team to experience more joy, intimacy, understanding, and forgiveness.

High-achievers and professionals who are looking for more meaning, confidence, and fulfillment in life beyond their professional success. They often feel like they are living two separate lives. High-Achievers often struggle with people-pleasing, perfectionism, and burnout due to stress and anxiety.

They are looking for clarity about their values and motivations in order to redefine what success and happiness look like. They are eager to discover their authentic self so that they can create a ‘rich’ life of love, connection, and appreciation.

Feeling stuck? Confused? Mid-life often brings a new awakening and new life challenges. They find themselves at a crossroads in life and feeling powerless and indecisive about what’s next. Sometimes it is due to a separation, divorce, or a mid-life crisis. Other times it is their soul awakening to a need for drastic change.

They often feel lost, alone, depressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. More than anything, they want clarity and confidence to take bold actions, effective tools to handle high-stress situations, and someone to walk with them along this new and often scary path.