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Quality Time

You don’t spend as much time together as you used to, and it feels like you’re now just roommates, perhaps even strangers. The busyness of life, kids, work, bills, stress, and health has gotten in the way of date nights and quality time together. The worst part about it is you are lonely and miss the feeling of true partnership and friendship. You want to express how much it hurts, but each time you try, the words don’t come out right and you end up feeling rejected and unloved.


Maybe life has gotten really stressful lately and it’s caused emotional distance and anxiety. You used to be totally in sync, but now you feel worlds apart and you have nothing to talk about except bills and kids. The defensive walls seem to have been built up higher and you’re both emotionally numb, frustrated, and avoiding addressing the issue. You want to get back to the way things were, but have no idea where to start.


You don’t feel completely safe with your partner anymore. Continued disappointment has created feelings of resentment, betrayal, and rejection. Perhaps it’s the other way around; you have been the one to break the trust. Either way, you are both looking for effective strategies to finally let go, heal, and allow space for forgiveness, compassion, and understanding so you can move forward.


You barely talk anymore. At least about anything meaningful. Communication has been non-existent and you’ve both been afraid to admit the truth or address the elephant in the room. You’re afraid to disturb the peace, and yet, you feel anything but peaceful. You both are unable to listen to each other without being triggered, leaving you both feeling disrespected and misunderstood. You constantly worry about what your partner is thinking, but you’re too afraid to ask. You know that a lot of your issues could be easily resolved, but all your attempts have failed and have ended in anger and defeat.

You are probably saying to yourself, “OMG! YES JEANELL!!! HOW DID YOU KNOW?!

Well, you’re not alone in this. Almost every couple I have worked with has experienced EXACTLY what you’re feeling…

But I want you to know that it’s not your fault that you have been unable to figure this out on your own.

We were never taught these important interpersonal and social skills by our parents or school system. If you really think about it, we were taught to react, defend, justify, dominate/win, judge, etc… instead of communicating to understand, connect, and empathize.

We were taught as children that when you are good, you get love. When you are bad, you punish the other person by withholding your love. As a result, most of us are ill-equipped to genuinely love ourselves and others.

With proper coaching, you can develop a new awareness and clarity, and improve your positive and emotional intelligence so that you can handle any situation with clarity, ease, and confidence. Learn to control your emotions otherwise, they will control YOU! (More like hijacking, am I right?)



Here’s the truth about relationships and marriage – it’s messy, it’s beautiful, it’s amazing, and it’s challenging. We all want to feel loved, appreciated, and supported. But often, we find ourselves stuck in a vicious cycle of fear, doubt, and guilt, creating feelings of frustration, loneliness, and worry.

But here’s the unfiltered truth: Marriage is raw. It’s tough. But it’s also real. It’s about facing these truths, getting real, and saying, “This is us. Flaws and all.” It’s our chance to grow, to truly connect, and to learn to forgive.


That nagging doubt, always lurking. Every day, it gnaws at us. We’re juggling roles multiple balls and sometimes, it feels like we’re dropping the ball. The fear of falling short, not just as partners but as parents, is real and universal. We often feel guilt, shame, and often feel like a failure


Beyond the cute photos and cherished memories, there’s sheer terror. “Are we messing this up?” Holding our child, love is mixed with panic and sadness. Every choice feels like a potential landmine, every decision a gamble with their future. You want to be the best rolemodel for them but you often feel like an imposter barely being able to keep it together yourself.


Words get twisted, intentions misunderstood. We think we’re talking, but often end up not feeling heard or respected. Misunderstandings aren’t just occasional hiccups; they’re frequent battles to be seen and accepted just the way we are. We argue, we misunderstand each other, we say things we don’t mean, and damn, it hurts.


Ever felt miles apart, even when they’re inches away? The lack of affection, the days when you feel more like roommates than lovers. It’s a punch to the gut. The paradox of marriage is feeling alone, even when they’re right beside you. The more you you try to express your needs and frustration, the more it seems to make things worse and so you often suffer in silence. 


You find yourself ruminating in old thoughts, worries, and anxiety working yourself up into a unconscious state of emergency. Perhaps you were never taught how to process and honour emotions. Perhaps you were told that emotions were bad or that you can’t show weakness.  You feel like a prisoner of your emotions unable to find your way out of the dark hole. You notice the vicious cycle of negativity you seem to keep falling into, but you have no way to escape it. You feel trapped and out of control so you find a way to cope: you may ‘numb out’ or you may find comfort in destructive or unhealthy behaviours like emotional eating, alcohol, extra-marital relationships or affairs, drugs, etc. Whatever it may be, you feel out of control and want to be able to self-regulate and become more emotionally resilient and disciplined. 


Jeanell deserves 10 stars for the way she made me see my husband and changed my entire perspective. She has such a gift for this profession and I can’t recommend her enough!

— Cassie R.

Jeanell saved our marriage. My husband and I were to the point of being roommates that no longer spoke to each other. We avoided each other at all costs. Having two kids this was not the way to live. We had tried the counselors and reading books but nothing ever stuck. We had one Therapist tell us there was nothing she could do to help us. A friend recommended Jeanell, and I will be forever grateful. the discussions and “homework” was actually something I looked forward to. My marriage is stronger. My family is happier. I am forever grateful to Jeanell.

— Sarah S.

My husband and I signed up for the 12 week Marriage Reset Program. We had grown apart during covid times and wanted to find a way to reconnect. I’m so glad a friend recommended Jeanell. She is a very gifted coach and her approach works. We both appreciated the homework assignments as they helped us learn more about ourselves and each other. This was exactly the reset our relationship needed. I would highly recommend Jeanell (and already have, to a friend!)
— JohnKat L.

Jeanell is the very best in marriage coaching. I swear to God she’s the Patron Saint of the broken! If your marriage is in a rocky spot you owe to yourself to contact Jeanell as soon as possible! She don’t play games and gets to the point and makes a difference instantly!
— Jeff M

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